Eat From Your Pantry Challenge: Week Two

| January 17, 2010

Although we ate the majority of our dinner meals from things we already had in the pantry and freezer, I have to report that we did fall off the challenge wagon one evening because of lack of better planning on my part.  While I’m feeling like I’ve failed because of that, I’m trying to remind [...]

Eat From Your Pantry: Week One

| January 11, 2010

We’ve completed the first week of the Eat From Your Pantry Challenge, and we’ve done a pretty good job of making meals from items we already had on hand.  I did go to the grocery store last week ~ mainly to purchase the essentials…you know, flavored coffee creamer and toilet paper.  But, I did pick [...]

Monopoly Money Madness: 2009 Wrap-Up

| January 3, 2010

When I started tracking my  2009 Monopoly Money Madness in January, I didn’t set out with any particular goal, other than to spend as much of my Monopoly money [save as much with coupons] as possible. For the first few months ~ basically until the ground thawed and the garden consumed my life ~ I [...]

Eat From Your Pantry Challenge

| December 29, 2009

After a full year of diligently shopping by matching coupons to loss leader items, coupled with the enormous garden we had last summer, the food cupboard, pantry and freezers are bountiful. I have been working on moving the location of my pantry, reorganizing the items on the shelves, and making a detailed inventory in the [...]

Monopoly Money Madness: November

| December 7, 2009

Cheese and crackers!  I had an absolute blast spending my Monopoly money in November!  I’ve said it before, and I’ve got to say it again ~ I miss my Fry’s Food Store in Arizona! Well, I got an extra special blessing over Thanksgiving weekend.  Darling Husbie announced we were going to Arizona, so I made [...]

Monopoly Money Madness: September

| October 2, 2009

Wow!  The year is officially three-quarters over.  It’s a good time to analyze my spending of both my Darling Husbie’s hard-earned greenbacks and my Monopoly money.  I’ve come to the realization that accumulating and strategizing the spending of Monopoly takes time and effort.  Time is something I ran short of quite frequently this summer with [...]

Monopoly Money Madness: August

| September 1, 2009

I love it when a good deal becomes an awesome deal ~ and when you’re down to the last item on the pantry shelf, that awesome deal becomes a phenomenal blessing! Dominic had reported we were down to our last two boring boxes of cereal; a box of plain Cheerios and a box of Total.  [...]

Monopoly Money Madness: July

| August 8, 2009

Oh my word!  I’m fully flabbergasted, completely confounded and sincerely stupefied by the fact that it’s August ~ and more than a week into it, no less!  I knew it had been a while since I last posted, but I didn’t realize three weeks had gone by.  Gracious! Unfortunately, my Monopoly money totals just keep [...]

Monopoly Money Madness: June

| July 3, 2009

Sigh.  June was a not-so-great month ~ for more reasons than one ~ so why should my shopping endeavors be any different., right?  The first half of the month started out great, but somehow when my back was turned things quickly went to pot. I don’t even have an exciting adventure to share with you [...]

Monopoly Money Madness: May

| June 5, 2009

I wrapped up another month of Monopoly Money Madness.  I really didn’t have time to put forth the effort to truly sweep the stores with my binder in tow, so my figures are a little lower. That being said, I still utitilized coupons for the items I needed to buy ~ if there were any [...]