Our New Year Wander O’er Yonder

| January 2, 2011

Darling Husbie has had the past two weeks on leave, which is amazing in itself.  But, what is even more amazing is that during this two-week leave, he’s only had to go into his office twice!  That is a miracle.  The man works so much, he literally doesn’t know what to do with himself if [...]

This…Is a Faucet

| January 1, 2011

Is this not the most gorgeous green hunk of iron cast into the shape of a faucet you’ve ever seen?  It truly is a thing of beauty.  Why is it a thing of beauty, you ask? Because, out of this faucet comes water ~ precious, clear liquid gold!  This faucet is attached to a well. [...]

Discovery of the Gnome Compound

| October 16, 2010

A discovery was made the other day here at the Prairie Farmstead ~ a discovery of the Gnome Compound at 1084½. I should probably provide you with a little background information, lest you think we all have fallen off our rocks…er…out of our rockers…er…yeah.  You see, over the years, my buddy has given me little [...]

Too Fast for His Own Good

| September 2, 2010

Meet Mr. Duster.  He is our beloved 1974 Plymouth Duster.  He ain’t pretty ~ how could he be with those ridiculous flames painted on his nose ~ but he’s ours…and his personality more than makes up for his appearance.  We bought Mr. Duster for $325, complete with the box of 8-track tapes on the back [...]

0 to 54 In 2 Seconds!

| December 27, 2008

Okay, well, maybe not seconds. According to the official Prairie Farmstead Weather Station, we’ve experienced daytime temperatures ranging from 0° F to 54° F in a two-day timespan. That’s crazy, I tell you ~ and apparently pretty typical for the prairie land. The guys have had a few instances where they’ve taken advantage of opportune [...]

Caching In On Moonlight

| October 21, 2008

My darling Husbie and I made a spontaneous decision to grab a few caches the other night.  It was 9:00 pm,  the night was very brisk but also beautifully lit by a near full moon ~ perfect conditions for a fun-filled Fall night.  So, Husbie loaded in the coordinates, grabbed a couple flashlights and spare [...]