Jeremiah Comforts Us!

| October 2, 2011

I Have Discovered a New Species

| September 13, 2011

Apparently my beloved Darling Husbie is never going to let me live this one down, so I may as well share it with you ~ as my version ~ before you hear it from him.  I mean, I figure I may as well take credit where credit is due, right? Quite a while back, now, [...]

A Sad State of Affairs

| September 10, 2011

It’s truly a sad state of affairs when you struggle to do ten situps!  As someone I adore always says, “Oh my socks!”  Before moving to the flatland, I would have said I was in better than average shape thanks to our Geocaching efforts.  There’s something about climbing to the summit of every nearby mountain [...]

Ten Things We’ve Been Up To Lately

| September 7, 2011

Would someone please pull the emergency brake?!  This year is whizzing by faster and faster each day.  We are already through the first week of September.  Wasn’t the Fourth of July, like, yesterday?  We’ve nearly reached the last quarter of the year already.  How is that even possible? It’s been nearly a month since I’ve [...]

Our Nest Is Empty

| August 10, 2011

Well, I knew the day would come when our boys would grow up, stretch their wings and fly away.  I just didn’t expect it to arrive so soon.  Little Big Brother fluttered off last Thursday to begin a new season in his life.  He told me the day before that he was excited about the [...]

Prayer Journal Pages

| July 20, 2011

I am currently ~ as spare time permits ~ working on updating my planner…my ‘Life In a Book.’  I have a Day Runner Pro planner that uses 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ pages, and over the years, I’ve created and modified sections to fit my needs according to the season of my life. I say ‘my’ planner, [...]

Ten Things About My Guys

| July 19, 2011

1.  They both love pyrotechnics.  Fireworks are legal in Nebraska, and depending on your location, you can make things explode for as long as the entire week leading up to the 4th of July. 2.  They feed off each other. They have to continually try to ‘one-up’ the other.  So, for the week leading up [...]

Another Amazing Cloud Formation

| July 17, 2011

On Friday evening, we were able to witness what Darling Husbie referred to as “the most impressive cloud formation” yet since moving to the Farmstead.  We were aware of a severe thunderstorm that had formed to the southwest and was moving northeast.  I’d checked the radar, and sure enough, it depicted the purplish red blob [...]

What’s Worse Than a Root Canal?

| July 8, 2011

Answer:  Having a mammogram done the very next day. Seriously?  No.  Early detection is the best prevention.  Isn’t five minutes of very little discomfort better than the alternative? PS:  By the way, the endodontist was successful in the removal of the piece of file that broke off in my canal during the original procedure two [...]

Ten Things I’d Like to Accomplish This Week

| June 28, 2011

For some reason, I find my head spinning with several different thoughts of several different projects and several different tasks I’d like to do.  These don’t include the daily must-do’s ~ just some things I think I’d enjoy accomplishing.  Perhaps making a list of them will help me achieve them.  Or, at least one of [...]