Farmstead Guest Room Is Complete!

| December 13, 2011

Finally! Whew!  The completion of the Farmstead Guest Room has been a long time coming.  I mean a long, long, long time coming.  As in nearly-a-year-long time coming. Even longer than that if you go back to the way the house looked when we bought it!  The photo above was taken on 18 December 2008 [...]

Project: Overhaul of the Overhang

| September 26, 2010

By now, you all know the OSB Palace is a place of projects.  Last week, Darling Husbie and I completed yet another of those tasks which fell into the ‘Ya Know, That Really Bugs Me’ category.  Neither of us could stand the hideousness of the front porch overhang any longer ~ especially since the completion [...]

Project: You’re Going Down, Chocolate Brown!

| September 11, 2010

Nature is beginning to give all the indications of the fast-approaching fall, which means we will soon be retreating to the indoors.  This always puts me into scramble mode, as there’s so many projects I’d like to finish outside before the snow starts to fly.  The OSB Palace has plenty-o-projects to keep us entertained, should [...]

Project: Overjoy In the Office

| June 10, 2010

It all started back in April, shortly after I’d finished rejuvenating the living room and kitchen, when Darling Husbie asked when I was going to get rid of the rest of the nasty peach color painted on the walls.  The next room to get a makeover was going to be the office ~ the nucleus [...]

Project: Kitchen & Living Room Rejuvenation

| April 2, 2010

I cannot believe it’s been three weeks since I last posted, but the dates on the calendar do not lie.  If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to ~ well, let me just tell you.  I could tolerate the peach tinted paint no more!  I’ve given the Farmstead kitchen and living room a fresh look.  [...]

Project: Down the Drain

| March 9, 2010

…of Projects Beget Projects.  It all started Sunday evening, while I was making Beef Stew, and Darling Husbie was watching the Nascar race.  Both seemingly pleasant activities for a quiet night at home, right?  Wrong.  Things went from bad to worse before they got better ~ two evenings later. Now, I know potato peels can [...]

Project: Pantry is Complete!

| February 20, 2010

The Prairie Farmstead Pantry is officially complete!  I am beyond excited ~ and I just have to say I have the bestest Darling Husbie in the whole wide world…and a most awesome pantry!  It took us a little longer than we thought, mostly because of Husbie’s wacky work schedule, but we got it done last [...]

Project: Pantry…still in progress

| February 3, 2010

Wow!  I didn’t realize how lackadaisical I’ve been about updating you on the progress of Project: Pantry.  No wonder Darling Husbie keeps poking and prodding me!  If it’s been too long for you to remember where we left off, you can check out the last photos with that link.  Basically, all that was done was [...]

Project: Pantry

| January 8, 2010

It all started on New Year’s Day, when I began moving the remaining items and shelving units from my under-the-stairwell closet pantry location to a section in the Man Cave ~ the unfinished portion of the lower level of the Farmstead barn house. I had the shelving units situated along the wall, taking up one [...]

Farmer J’s Tool Time

| November 7, 2009

It’s nesting season here at the Farmstead.  The daily activities for the past couple of months now have centered around harvesting all the food from the garden and making preparations for winter.  Winter may as well be a synonym for lock-down.  It’s a time when the doors and windows stay closed and sealed tight ~ [...]