Love Me Some Green Chilies

| January 13, 2011

I was looking through the SD card for the camera, and I spotted these photos of some of the green chilies we grew last summer.  By the time stamp, I see that I fully intended to share these with you back in August.  Better late than never, yes?  No.  Not really.  I need to get [...]

Good Golly, Tamale!

| December 31, 2010

Er…yeah.  I made the tamales last night.  I’m thinkin’ Mom’s right ~ making them is something that’s better left as an annual tradition.  But, then, I might be willing to make them again sooner than a year from now if I were a little more organized than I was this time.  I thought I was [...]

Sa-weet Sweet Potatoes!

| October 31, 2009

Living up to the marvel at the way things grow in this chocolate angel food-like dirt, the Beauregard Sweet Potatoes were right there at the top of the list of ‘Things Grown Wild!’  Darling Husbie planted six plants ~ four Beauregard and two Vardaman.  Neither one of us had ever seen a sweet potato plant [...]

Wimpy! Wimpy! Wimpy!

| October 29, 2009

Have you ever gone to your crisper drawer with a craving for a nice crispy stalk of celery only to find that, while you weren’t looking, the refrigerator gremlins transformed that crunchy cache into something that resembles a limp noodle?  Well, have no fear ~ and don’t you dare go near that trashcan ~ because [...]

Menu Planning Mania

| April 9, 2009

I’ve finally finished planning our Prairie Farmstead Menu featuring my most savory gourmet recipes, which should be served on only the finest of china.  Yeah, right.  Most of the time, our meals get served right out of the cast iron ~ I guess you could call it Prairie China. Seriously, though, I’ve come up with [...]

Ample Apples and Pie Crust

| November 18, 2008

To say that we have been blessed with a gift of 137 lbs of homegrown organic apples is quite an understatement!  Praise the Lord and thank you SSG U!  With apples priced on sale for $.98 per lb this week, you can imagine my elation.  We have Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and I believe the [...]