Dirty Fingernails & Mucky Boots

Posted By on March 16, 2011

Squeeeeeeeeeeee!  I won an award for having dirty fingernails and mucky boots!  I was spending a little time this evening trying to catch up on my favorite blogs, and happened upon a post by my lost twin over at Ten Things Farm.  Last week, even!  What a sweetheart she is to think of my grubby hands.

Winter arrived rather late here on the Farmstead, and I’m beginning to think it’s going to leave late, also.  As a result, we haven’t had much opportunity to play in the dirt in preparation for gardening season yet this year.  So, I thought I’d conjure up some old memories of gardening for your entertainment ~ but, mostly to help justify the dirt under my nails.

Let’s see…there was the day I stubbed my toe.  Then, there was my first introduction to Gwen Petersen and how to shovel manure.  I can’t forget the moment I realized I was becoming a country girl ~ but would never win the best all-around country woman award.

Now, part of receiving the award is that you get to pay it forward to three more people.  What a pleasant experience this turned out to be!  My twin and I frequent a lot of the same places, so I needed to find three blogs that haven’t already received the award.  There are some fantastic farmsteading ladies with incredibly delightful and inspirational blogs out there.  I ran across so many treasures, my ‘Farmsteading’ bookmark now runneth over.

It was difficult to narrow down, but the three I am choosing to receive the award are:

~ Mountain Mama She tells of the incredible story of how her and her husband came to be on the 1,000′s of acres they are on today.  It is absolutely a God thing and will undoubtedly warm your heart.  She has an adorable writing style.

~ Flower Patch Farmgirl She captivates you with wonderful stories about living the country life with her husband and beautiful adopted children, and makes you salivate with delicious recipes she’s shared.

~ Farming On Faith She instantly makes you feel right at home…at the homestead!

Be sure to venture on over and take a peek.  You won’t be sorry you did.  But, before you go ~ you have to promise you will come back here.

Happy farmsteading! 

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  1. Congratulations on the Award, Buddie on your Dirty Fingers and Mucky Boots Award.
    Love the new theme, am jealous

  2. Thanks, Buddy. I’m still tweaking little things here and there on the theme. I don’t know when I’ll get it to where I’m completely happy with it. Heehee!

    Talk to me about your blog, Silly! I’ve been brainstorming about a new header for you, but I’m not sure of the ‘tone’ you’d like to go with.

    Love ya!

  3. Hey, your new theme means that it all fits on the page now! Before, the posts didn’t start until way down on the left. Woo hoo! (no worries, it’s probably just my computer)

    Off to check those blogs you mentioned! :)

  4. Really, Laura? That’s funky about the blog posts. Why didn’t you say something sooner?! Heehee! It always looked fine on my end, but without ever viewing my blog on another computer or different browser version, I don’t know if things are wacky. I rely on my friends to tell me when I’m all cock-eyed! Heehee!

    Thanks for visiting, and thanks again, for thinking of me for the award.

  5. I just thought it was the style or something….you know…kids these days, with their fancy blogs and wanting to do it differently or something. :)

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