Love Me Some Green Chilies

Posted By on January 13, 2011

I was looking through the SD card for the camera, and I spotted these photos of some of the green chilies we grew last summer.  By the time stamp, I see that I fully intended to share these with you back in August.  Better late than never, yes?  No.  Not really.  I need to get better about this.

Darling Husbie and I both enjoy green chilies.  A lot.  If there’s ever a dish I make that needs a little something added to it to make it that much better, the secret ingredient is always green chilies.  One of my favorite things about driving through Hatch, New Mexico is smelling those savory green chilies growing by the hundreds of thousands.  Magdalena, New Mexico is another great place [but, you must obey the 35 mph speed limit very precisely, lest you get a finger shaken at you as a warning from the local PoPo ~ you can ask Husbie about that] to stop and pick up some freshly roasted green chilies.

I was educated on the effect different cultures have on the price of commodities when we moved to the great Midwest.  Our love for green chilies hadn’t changed a bit, but the price for a little 4 oz can at the grocery store surely did!  I must have repeatedly complained made mention of it, because finally one day my twin-lost-at-birth told me I should just plant our own.  That was her gentle way of telling me she was tired of hearing about it, and to get off my duff and do something about it.  I was a little skeptical at first.  Would green chilies even grow in Nebraska?

Yes!  They thrive in Nebraska!  Or, at least they do in our chocolate angel food dirt.  We had two Anaheim plants that survived the hail, winds, and weeding performed by teenage boys, and those two plants produced well over 100 peppers.  I still do the happy dance just thinking about it.

The only thing better than getting some fresh roasted green chilies from Hatch or Magdalena is picking them from your own garden and immediately gutting and roasting them yourself!

By the way, on about the 73rd pepper, I decided to try Little Big Brother’s baby spoon to scoop out the seeds ~ it worked like a charm!  Oh, do wear gloves when working with green chilies.  Although they’re not nearly as potent as their cousins, the Jalapenos, after about 73 of them, the oil does begin to saturate your skin and burn a little.  And, if you rub your eyes, it burns a lot.  So, do wear gloves.  And, don’t rub your eyes until you take the gloves off.

I love me some green chilies.  Here’s just a few reasons why:

  1. You can eat as many green chilies as you can possibly stand in one sitting and never get fat!  Per 100 grams of chilies (basically a 4 oz can), there is only .4 grams of fat.  That’s right, my Lovelies.  That’s point four grams.  Sa-weet!
  2. Their relatively high vitamin C content can also help increase the uptake of non-heme iron from other ingredients in a meal, such as beans and grains.  So, that makes my infamous Green Chili Chicken and Rice Goop even better!  Never mind all that cheese I pile on top.
  3. Green chilies have something special about them that just tickle and tease the scent glands.  Roasted green chilies are even worse…er…better?…er…more so.  If they made roasted green chili scented candles, I’d burn one every day.
  4. The use of green chilies on fences and other structures helps to keep the elephants away.  We have a terrible problem with elephants feeding on our crops.
  5. Green chilies are not addicting!  Seriously.  Kellye Hunter and Dave DeWitt [whoever they are] wrote that according to Paul Rozin, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania who has done extensive research on the acquisition of chili preference, chili does not meet the criteria for true physical addition, which involves the following symptoms:
    • Craving: for chili, this exists to a degree, but it never becomes a physical necessity.
    • Loss of control.
    • Withdrawal: we miss it, but we don’t get sick without it.
    • Tolerance: we adjust to higher heat levels, but we don’t need increasing amounts just to feel normal.

Terrific!  So, when I desire green chilies so badly that I sometimes make an average of three meals per week containing green chilies as the main ingredient, or dream about roasted green chili scented candles, that’s just a craving that exists to a degree.  It is not a physical necessity.  Hyperventilating and getting uncontrollable shakes when I get down to my last three 4 oz cans of green chili does not constitute loss of control.  On the rare occasion I have run out of green chilies [gasp!], and nothing tastes good enough to eat so I’d rather go without, and then I get these weird sensations and growling noises from the pit of my stomach, well that’s just me missing green chilies.  I’m not getting sick from withdrawal.  Needing to use two or three times the amount that I used to in any given recipe to get the same satisfaction is not me just needing to feel normal.  I am not, I repeat, I am not feeding an addiction!

This is probably the closest I will ever come to a roasted green chili scented candle.  Did I mention that I love me some green chilies?  I do. 

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6 Hugs in response to “Love Me Some Green Chilies”

  1. Oh, no no no no no! That was not my gentle way of telling you I was tired of hearing about it! That was my gentle way of getting you to join the cheap side!! OK, frugal sounds gentler, yes?

    I equate your love of the green chile to my love of the dilly bean. For reasons I shall never quite understand, you can get a can of green beans on sale for what, 50 cents? But a similarly sized jar of dilly beans, which have the addition of spicy pickle juice (water, vinegar, salt, garlic, dill, cayenne) is seven bucks, and they never go on sale. So I make my own, and save $6.79.

    Law, based on current pricing (and lack of sales!) I’ve got a mortgage payment’s worth of dilly beans in my pantry (I, er, made a lot of them this year), and I bet you’re in the same boat with green chiles!!! YAY us!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I can still hear it now ~ “Farmer J, join the cheap side, Farmer J.” Instead of a light saber, I’ve got my spade. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    You’re right, though. When you do the math, it doesn’t even compute. We paid $2.00 for the packet of Anaheim seeds ~ because Husbie wanted the expensive heirloom seeds ~ and with 30 seeds in the packet, that makes the cost of each plant about .07 cents. So, when that plant produces somewhere around 100 peppers, well…it pretty much makes the peppers free! Heehee!

    Yeah, those Dilly Beans you made rocked! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making some of those this summer. Expect a phone call from me to get your secret spice recipe, because I know you added some dry peppers and stuff.

    Love and hugs! Thanks for visiting us today.

  3. I love chiles too! I mix them with bell peppers when I freeze them.


  4. would never eat chillies, as they are all too hot for me!!


  5. J, I didn’t change the dilly bean recipe one bit. The one I play with is the bread and butter pickle – I add some dry (hot) pepper flakes to make them sweet-hot. The dilly beans are made exactly as printed in the blue book.

    (but you’re still welcome to call, any time!)

  6. What does one someone’s Mother with a daughter like you do? You make me laugh, cry and more when I read your total imagination! Where did you get all of that? Remember the one someone in Arizona that ate the REALLY hot ones and broke out into a sweat? I did not know that you had a long lost twin…why have I not met her? And the spoon…yes…that is special! I think that I’m going to “try” chilies this year somewhere in the middle of Montana…what do you think the chances might be? Worth a try right? Don’t forget the stuffed chilies that we made…here’s my hug and more!!!!

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