I Was Given an Award Today

Posted By on May 27, 2009


A dear friend, GrammyGoo over at At His Feet Forever, so thoughtfully deemed me worthy of this Lovely Blog Award.  What a sweet surprise!  But then again, that’s GrammyGoo’s way.  She is one of the most gracious, loving, generous people I ‘know.’  I haven’t had the pleasure of actually meeting GrammyGoo in person, but I’ve ‘known’ her for several years now, actually, and the number of times and ways she’s blessed me is far too many to count.

Sharing this award with me is just another one of those little shining blessings.  Thank you, GrammyGoo ~ for being you!

I will certainly pass this award on to others more deserving than me ~ but first I have to find someone who hasn’t already received it…me thinks we frequent a lot of the same blogs.  Heehee!

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Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. ~ 1 John 3:18


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  1. You’re very welcome, and I believe your right, we do frequent some of the very same lovely blogs. Lol. Yours is just great and a warm and wonderful place to visit!
    Hugs, GG

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