Ten Things We’ve Been Up To


It feels like forever since I’ve been in touch with you ~ and even longer since I’ve heard from you!  Please let me know you’re still out there and doing well.

Is it true?!  Is February really already over?  Say it isn’t so!

Boo and Moo1.  Trips to the veterinary.  It seems Peanut, Abigail and Missy each decided they weren’t getting enough joy rides, so they resorted to getting a ride by needing to visit the vet.  They are all three doing just fine.

2.  Unpacking, sorting and putting away.  I know, sad, huh?  Why has it taken so long to get things put away from the June, 2012 epic move?

Gold Mining3.  Gold mining.  Yes, gold mining.  Darling Husbie and his cousin spend a little bit of their spare time panning for gold.  We’re not rich yet, but Husbie has found a couple decent size little nuggets.  They at least rattle in the vial.  More on this in the future.

4.  Slaying clutter in the garage.  Constantly.  Have I mentioned yet just how challenging it is to try to get all the contents of a 2,400 sf shop into a two-car garage?  It just isn’t going to happen.  Ever.

5.  Helping our Mamason.  I generally go over to Mamason’s (Husbie’s mama) twice a week.  Once to clean, gather laundry, tend to bills and paperwork, and make the shopping list.  Then again to return the clean laundry and put away the groceries, etc.  Sometimes we squeeze in doctor appointments.


6.  Unpacking, sorting and putting away.  Still.  Ugh.

7.  Preliminarily planning the garden.  It recently dawned on me that my 12,200 sf main garden plot at the Prairie Farmstead was bigger than our entire lot here in the city.  We are going to doctor up the soil in a cute little 10′ x 14′-ish space in our back yard and we’ll try our hand at getting anything other than weeds to grow in this desert.  More on this in the future, too.

8.  Scouring those ads and coupon inserts.  Despite my lack of keeping you aware of my efforts throughout February, ~ I’m still in denial it’s actually passed us by already ~ I had a lot of fun gathering goodies for free and mere pennies for my Coupon Benevolence Box for my favorite local community service.  I’ve updated the main page, though, if you’re interested in taking a peek.

Husbie MTB9.  Mountain Biking.  Not me…Darling Husbie.  He usually rides a  minimum of three evenings per week.  Occasionally the group will get together for a 20-mile Saturday ride.  He’s ridden nearly 400 miles since September.  That’s a lot of miles on a bike on a rock and cholla infested mountain.

10.  Putting the final touches of decor in the ‘finished’ rooms.  All the while, trying to keep my One Word for 2013 in mind.  It’s equated to many trips ~ numerous trips ~ to even more stores looking for just the right piece…on a bargain.  Thank God, again, for my Buddy.  More on this in the future, as well.

So, there you have it.  A brief overview of what we’ve been keeping ourselves out of trouble with.  Mostly.  We were also blessed with a surprise visit from two very, very dear friends.  As usual, the time together was much too short and we couldn’t talk fast enough to catch each other up on all our happenings.  We’re looking forward to getting together again soon.

I’m extremely curious to hear what you’ve been up to, so please do tell!

That is all. 

2 thoughts on “Ten Things We’ve Been Up To

  1. Buddie, it does seem like both Jan. and Feb. is a blurr to me. I have enjoyed helping out with the Coupon Benevolence Box, helping in slaying some dragons and mostly having you only 3.6 miles away!! XXX OOO

    • It seems like those dragons multiply every day, Buddy! I’m so glad you are so near me…for when those emergency errands pop up. Heehee!

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