Something Just Shy of a Miracle!

Waiting for Miracle

Wow.  This just may be a miracle, because I really never thought the day would arrive.  I can honestly say I am finally finished unpacking boxes from our June, 2012 move back to our beloved home in Arizona.  It only took me nine months.  Nine glorious and grueling months.

I must give a ‘shout out’ to my buddy, Sparkplug.  She is the best friend a girl could ever wish for.  Giving up day after day of her own life to brave the dog and cat hair, subjecting herself to toxic fumes from bleach and Pine-Sol while on hands, knees and ladders helping me rid our house of other people’s dirt.  Sitting for hours on the living room floor sorting and grouping hundreds of computer and electronic gadget cables and do-dads.  I mean, who else shares in that kind of OCD behavior?  Thank you, Buddy!

Anyway, if it’s an item at this house, I’ve touched it and have put it someplace.  That doesn’t mean I will remember where I put it.  It simply means that everything here at the house has been gone through and is put away.  Unless you’re an item in the Beast, aka the 4-drawer filing cabinet.  That, I’m afraid [and I am afraid], is a project all in itself and worthy of its own line on my To-Do List, which you can see over in the sidebar, by the way.

So, yeah.  I’m excited.  I finally have one item on the list crossed off.  I seriously think I’d better kick it in gear.  One quarter of the year is already gone.  And, those aren’t even all of the to-do’s.  I quit adding them until I can start crossing some off.  It was starting to give me tremors and night sweats.  But, maybe that’s something else.

Anyway, that is all. 

2 thoughts on “Something Just Shy of a Miracle!

  1. Woooo Hooo Way To Go… Happy Dancing…..

    • You’re telling me! I felt like crying tears of joy when I turned around and there were no more boxes taunting me.

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