Is ‘Etiquette’ Still In the Dictionary?

Thank You Dragonfly{Rant on…}

Is it just me, or have people in today’s society flat out forgotten a simple little thing called ‘manners’?  Is there no such thing as ‘common courtesies’ anymore?

Am I just old and crotchety now and expect too much?  No, I don’t think so!  I mean, seriously.

If I do an act of kindness for someone, and in return that someone gives me a gift in appreciation, I acknowledge that gift with a ‘thank you’.  The gift would not have been necessary as far as I’m concerned, which would place it upon my heart even more so to let that someone know I am thankful for their gesture of appreciation.  Common courtesy, right?!  Apparently not.  At least not in my experiences of late.

Simple words like ‘excuse me’, ‘pardon me’, and ‘sorry’ are extremely rare.  I’m actually caught off guard when I hear them.  [In the general public, mind you.  These words are quite frequented in our home.]  It seems it’s much more common just to push your way through.  The thing formerly known as ‘personal space’ is but a mere distant memory.

When someone holds the door open for you, isn’t it common courtesy to say ‘thank you’.  No, it’s not common at all any more.

I won’t even mention the simple act of looking someone in the eye and smiling as you walk by.  I must have just dreamed about that actually happening years ago.

Instead of someone waving, they give you the one-finger solute.  Really?  When did that become acceptable social conduct?

Manners: a socially acceptable way of behaving.

I don’t think I care for society.  Society is rude and obnoxious.  It just plain stinks.

And, people question why I’d prefer to live on my ranch out in the middle of absolute nowhere?  Oy.

{Rant off.}

That is all. 

One thought on “Is ‘Etiquette’ Still In the Dictionary?

  1. I hear ya Sister, those we ran into this day gave looks, got all into our personal space!! But note to self a few days later** when going to Dollar General, don’t wear a black shirt!! Others will find you and asked for helping finding a product!!

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