I Won the Prize!

Please do not attempt this at home!

Please do not attempt this at home!

That’s right ~ I won the prize…for the ugliest pie contest!  Isn’t that pathetic?  No, really.  Is that not the ugliest pie you’ve ever seen?  It’s so ugly, not even a mother could love it.

Other than the perfectly sliced fresh strawberries [which is easily achieved with an egg slicer], this pie was a mess.  And, it turned from bad to worse in a few short moments.  It all started when, for some reason unknown even to me, I decided to try a new pie crust recipe rather than my ol’ trusty never-fail, even-I-can-make-it pie crust recipe.

I couldn’t even get this wad of…dough to roll out without tearing and cracking.  Getting it into the pie plate was an adventure in itself.  I was this close to throwing it out and making strawberry smoothies instead.  The only thing that stopped me was my promise to make Darling Husbie a homemade strawberry pie.  That, and those strawberry slices were just too pretty to pulverize in a blender.

I finally got the wad of…stuff pressed into the pie plate.  Pretty little pinched crust flutes were only something I could wish for.  They simply weren’t going to happen.  Not on that day.  Not with that flop recipe.  Once in the oven, I was a little hopeful.  I hoped that once those perfect strawberry slices were packed into the baked shell, they would help cover up some of the ugliness.

That hope was short lived.  The crust…er…whatever that thing in the bottom of the pie plate was…shrank more than a Shrinky Dink set on ‘Broil’.  Have you ever seen such a thing?

Then, to add salt to wound injury, the gelatin didn’t set so when I chiseled into this…thing, the beautiful red filling just ran.  Ran.  That’s what I should have done, both in horror and embarrassment.

Instead, I thought you might need a good laugh today.

That is all. 

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