A Year Gone By…

I can hardly believe it to be true, and I honestly don’t know how it happened, but an entire year has passed since we last gathered here.  I’d like to say the time passed so quickly because I was busy crossing every item off my to-do-list.  But, as you can … Continue reading

Something Just Shy of a Miracle!

Wow.  This just may be a miracle, because I really never thought the day would arrive.  I can honestly say I am finally finished unpacking boxes from our June, 2012 move back to our beloved home in Arizona.  It only took me nine months.  Nine glorious and grueling months. I … Continue reading

I Won the Prize!

That’s right ~ I won the prize…for the ugliest pie contest!  Isn’t that pathetic?  No, really.  Is that not the ugliest pie you’ve ever seen?  It’s so ugly, not even a mother could love it. Other than the perfectly sliced fresh strawberries [which is easily achieved with an egg slicer], … Continue reading

Ten Things We’ve Been Up To

It feels like forever since I’ve been in touch with you ~ and even longer since I’ve heard from you!  Please let me know you’re still out there and doing well. Is it true?!  Is February really already over?  Say it isn’t so! 1.  Trips to the veterinary.  It seems … Continue reading

God and the Teacup

There was a couple who took a trip to England to shop in a beautiful antique store to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They both liked antiques and pottery, and especially teacups. Spotting an exceptional cup, they asked “May we see that? We’ve never seen a cup quite so beautiful.” … Continue reading

The Star Spangled Banner

Please allow me to introduce to you what, if I may be so bold as to say, is the coolest version of our Star Spangled Banner ever!  Note, I did not say the ‘most beautiful’ version.  No.  This version is not like any other you’ve heard before.  My Aunt Connie … Continue reading

My One Word for 2013

I’m not usually one to jump on a bandwagon, but this one sure seems to be headed in my direction right now.  For several days before the New Year, people always ask what your resolutions are.  I used to make a long list of resolutions ~ things I’d promise to … Continue reading

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