A Scar Is Born

Every Scar

The story goes like this:

“I will never, ever, never ride with you on this mountain,” said a very naive old lady to her husband.

Now, you must know the old lady and her husband generally enjoy recreating together. They relish the time they get to spend with each other fishing, hiking, eating tacos, four-wheeling, taking long walks, drinking coffee, camping, watching Nascar, planning their future, taking naps…well, you get the idea.

So you can certainly understand why the old lady quickly tired of standing in the driveway waving bye-bye to her husband as he drove away with his bike and helmet in tow several times a week. It’s true the old lady can be cantankerous at times, but it’s not in her nature to deny her husband something that brings him pleasure. Rather than trying to manipulate circumstances so he would ride less, the old lady tried to think of how she could find pleasure in it as well. She remembered how the odd couple, years before, were planning and plotting backcountry hiking adventures utilizing lightweight camping gear. Then, the idea {and solution} struck her. What if, instead of hiking, they did their adventures on bikes?! Lo and behold, there’s a thing called ‘bikepacking’! The old lady made mention of this to her husband, and…a scar was born.

17 May 2013 ~ My inaugural ride on a mountain bike...nearly 35 years since my previous bike ride!

17 May 2013 ~ My inaugural ride on a mountain bike…nearly 35 years since my previous bike ride!

The old lady’s husband promptly purchased her a Mother’s Day gift. It was shiny and full of bling. It was on two wheels! A full-rigid 32.5″ fat tire bike lovingly dubbed the Swamp Buggy. He took her to the mountain park intending to ride with her on the dirt road. “Let’s go on that little trail right there,” the old lady stated while pointing to the trail that leads up the mountainside. The same mountain the same old lady said, “I will never, ever, never ride with you on this mountain.”

It’s true…you never forget how to ride a bike. But, that does not mean you do not need to relearn balance and coordination. Especially if you intend to ride said bike on narrow, edgy, rocky, prickly singletracks. One false twitch and you’re going down. At least that’s the way it was for the old lady in this story. She earned her first scar {second, too} on the Swamp Buggy.


Adventures began. Memories were being made. Scars were being collected. The old lady had been riding for approximately two and a half months when she, her husband and a friend rode the Sweetwater Trail. The old lady had about six false twitches during that ride.

12 April 2014 ~ Participating in a group ride at the Fantasy Island Trail.

12 April 2014 ~ Participating in a group ride on the Fantasy Island Trail.

Another adventure. Another memory. Another scar.

Casa Grande Mtn

Don’t get me wrong. The old lady doesn’t crash every time she rides. It seems like it comes in waves. But, you can see in the photos above why a collection of scars may be obtained when it does occur.

Warning: The image you are about to see is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.  Do not continue scrolling if you are the squeamish type.

His and Hers Wounds

The odd couple who has His and Hers mountain bikes undoubtedly has His and Hers mountain biking wounds. The husband’s definitely will leave a scar; the old lady’s probably will. A stockpile with a large variety of bandages and tape, along with a large bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a tube or two of Neosporin, has become a necessity. See, there’s an unspoken rule that if you are going to ride mountain bikes, you are going to crash. Some more than others. Unfortunately. Just sayin’.

Well, you know the old cliché…never say never.  Do stay tuned for more adventures.

That is all.  

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