♥ A Bit About Us

We…are a conservative Christian family loving life and the new adventures we’re blessed with as we begin this Season.  We are a proud military family ~ well, he is humble and I am so proud of him ~ he wears the uniform, I wear the silent rank and they stand proud of their father.

He…is the most wonderful, compassionate husband I could ever dream of.  He is intelligent, witty, fun-loving, patient and humble.  He is an incredible father, leader, teacher, friend…and fix-it man.  And, now he is a Papa, too.

They…are two amazing boys.  They are extremely creative and resourceful ~ especially when it comes to something they really want.  They are full of life and masters of their universe.  They are in that wonderfully awkward stage of needing to be adults but are still young and naive…even as they’ve entered their early twenties.  We love them to pieces.

I…am an incredibly blessed wife and mother.  And, now I am a Grandma, too.  I enjoy being a helpmeet to my husband, nurturer to our children and keeper of our home.  I strive to make sure the attributes of sincerity, simplicity, sympathy, and serenity are reflected in everything I do.  I enjoy living…loving…and laughing.  Praise be to God.

The Girls…are our three canine fur babies.  Peanut “Peanie,” the Beagle/Shepherd Mix, turned fourteen years old in February, 2014.  She is astonishingly intelligent ~ too smart for her own good half of the time ~ and is happiest when her nose is to the ground, when she’s chasing rabbits or when she gets to “dig ‘em out.”  Abigail “Abby,” the Toy Fox Terrorist…er…Terrier, turned six years old on November 15, 2013.  She is beyond hysterically funny and a 10-lb ball of atomic energy.  She is also on a diet.  She is happiest when she’s playing fetch, running through the grass and copying what the big dog does.  Little Missy is our newest addition.  Our ever-so-dainty Chihuahua Husbie rescued from the desert in late November, 2012.  She is approximately two years old, and has permanently weaved her way into our hearts.

The Mon-kay…is our finicky feline fur baby.  Little “Mon-Kay,” the superior Siamese, turned ten years old in November, 2013.  She is the ruler of the four-legged creatures in our homestead.  She is snobby, silly and moody.  She must inspect everything that is new or out of the ordinary.  She is affectionate ~ as long as it is on her terms ~ and is easily perturbed when it is not.

My Darling Husbie and Ihave entered our second spring.  Our nest is empty, with the exception of our fur babies.  Our boys are grown and have spread their wings.  We have been blessed with a beautiful grandson ~ born 01 May, 2012 on his great, great uncle’s birthday.  Darling Husbie and I fall to our knees with gratefulness for our bountiful blessings, and for each other.  We are beyond excited to explore all the incredible adventures awaiting us in this new season…Our Second Spring.

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