♥ Prairie Farmstead

The Prairie Farmstead was our 20.5 acre hobby farm located in south central Nebraska, in the town of Chapman, population 282.  Our season at the Farmstead lasted from 01 December 2007 ~ 21 June 2012.  We ventured to Nebraska because of Darling Husbie’s active duty military career.  It was an interesting time, to say the least, full of many blessings and an equal number of trials and tribulations.  We captured and shared many of those experiences on our previous blog, Prairie Farmstead Ponderings.

We intend to leave the Farmstead blog intact and available, as it truly is a journal of an instrumental part of our lives.  I will, however, be copying some of the entries to this blog ~ those pertaining to recipes, crafts and anything else that may be of interest to any new friends we make here.  Besides, I still have a lot of stories to share before we close the book on that season.  We have a ton of photos to share, too, of the eight-month renovation of the barn house.  So, please stay tuned over there…at least for a little while!

That is all. 

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